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IBI International, which was founded with a desire for excellence and a dedication to developing talent, is today well-known in the field of beauty education. We have been at the forefront of enabling people to explore their creative potential and seek lucrative jobs in the beauty business for more than a decade.
The IBI Indian Beauty Institute’s logo is a celebration of the femininity and grace of women and pays homage to their eternal beauty. The delicately detailed illustration of a woman’s face conveys the ideas of empowerment, elegance and education while also capturing the sense of simplicity and refinement. IBI wants to highlight beauty in its most natural and effortless aspects. We work to foster the development of femininity in her most pure and sophisticated form, advocating a holistic view of beauty that transcends outward appearances.



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IBI International is a well-known organisation devoted to providing outstanding education and training in the beauty industry. We have established ourselves as a dependable institution in the beauty sector with a rich history spanning more than a decade.

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Unlock your full potential and experience the transformative power of beauty education with us. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about our programmes, the application procedure, and how IBI International can support your professional aspirations. We are eager to have you join our lively community.

How to Apply?

Start your journey towards a professional beautician by completing an inquiry form. Simply give us with the required information by filling out our inquiry form.
Once your details has been received and screened someone from our office will get in touch with you to talk about the next stages and address any queries or worries you might have.
You will receive instructions on how to enrol. Any paperwork that is necessary will be completed with our assistance. We will give you a list of the materials or prerequisites required so that you can prepare accordingly.

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Want To Become A Perfect Beauty Professional?

IBI International is here to help you, join us with our courses like Certificate, Masters & PG Diploma in Cosmetology, Hair Designing, Art of Makeup & Nailart.


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