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We have carefully chosen a curriculum for this immersive learning experience that blends creativity and accuracy and is adapted to the needs of the modern beauty standards. Under our makeup certificate course, You will learn the techniques for applying makeup flawlessly under the skillful guidance of seasoned pros, from priming the face with foundation sorcery to creating enticing contours that emphasise each person’s unique beauty.
Explore the limitless possibilities and unleash your creative side as you explore the alluring world of eye makeup and learn how to master the art of producing mesmerising looks that entice and capture. Your ability to create spectacular alterations that honour each client’s distinctive character will be unlocked by our hands-on training methodology, which enables you to experiment with a variety of ways.

Course Level

  • Makeup – Level 1, 2

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Comprehensive Curriculum : Our expertly crafted curriculum covers all aspects of makeup application, ensuring you gain a strong foundation in the art of makeup. From mastering the art of flawless foundation application to creating captivating contours that accentuate individual beauty, you will learn the essential techniques employed by seasoned makeup professionals.

Hands-On Training : Learning by doing is at the heart of our teaching methodology. Under the skillful guidance of experienced makeup artists, you will have ample opportunities to practice and refine your skills. Through hands-on training, you will gain the confidence and expertise to experiment with various makeup styles and discover what works best for different individuals.

Exploring Eye Makeup : Delve into the limitless possibilities of eye makeup and unravel the secrets behind mesmerizing looks. Learn how to craft captivating eye designs, from subtle enhancements to bold and dramatic statements. Whether you aim to create stunning bridal looks or high-fashion editorials, our course will equip you with the necessary skills.

Honoring Individuality : Every person is unique, and their makeup should reflect that. We emphasize the importance of recognizing and celebrating individual beauty traits. Our course teaches you how to tailor makeup techniques to suit diverse clients, ensuring you can create personalized makeup transformations that enhance each person’s distinct character.

Adaptation to Trends : The beauty industry is ever-evolving, with new trends emerging constantly. Our course stays up-to-date with the latest makeup trends and techniques. You will gain insight into current makeup styles, ensuring you remain relevant and in-demand as a makeup artist.

Eligibility For The Course

15+ Years

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