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Introducing the exclusive International Beauty Institute’s (IBI) captivating course in Aromatherapy, where the art and science of this ancient practice converge to awaken your senses and elevate your understanding of essential oils.
Guided by seasoned industry experts and drawing inspiration from international beauty authorities, IBI’s Aromatherapy course equips you with the skills to curate customized aromas and therapeutic blends that transcend mere scents. From crafting enchanting fragrances to utilizing oils to address physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, you’ll embark on an immersive journey that celebrates the artistry of aromatherapy.
At the heart of our program lies an unwavering commitment to empowering you as a holistic well-being advocate. Graduates emerge not only with a profound understanding of aromatherapy but also with a coveted certificate, a testament to their mastery of techniques and the transformative potential of smell.

Course Level

  • Spa Therapy – Aroma Therapy


Human anatomy, Aroma facial, Aroma manicure, Aroma pedicure, Aroma body massage

Eligibility For The Course

15+ Years

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How to Apply?

Start your journey towards a professional beautician by completing an inquiry form. Simply give us with the required information by filling out our inquiry form.
Once your details has been received and screened someone from our office will get in touch with you to talk about the next stages and address any queries or worries you might have.
You will receive instructions on how to enrol. Any paperwork that is necessary will be completed with our assistance. We will give you a list of the materials or prerequisites required so that you can prepare accordingly.
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