Career Guidance for Students After 10th and 12th

Beauty and well-being have gained importance as verified education fields in current years, while it was supposedly considered a mere hobby for women, it is due time that now it has gained the much-required recognition of being a separate educational field. Now that the beauty and cosmetology stream is finally FREE of stereotypes ­­­… “it’s time to decide what is to be done further!”

There are many requirements for a course to be available after the immediate completion of the 10th standard considering the high requirement of speedy completion of courses and the waste of time one may have to bear due to lack of related subjects in 11th and 12th. Due to this, there have been multiple career streams that provide a student with their DIPLOMA course, the courses that can be taken up after the immediate completion of the 10th Standard in schooling. Hence, this sort of diversification has been added to the stream of beauty as well where a student may wander through a plethora of courses to explore from. To apply for these courses, there is no requirement for completion of class 12th of schooling. One of the most prominent forms of diploma courses worldwide is considered to be the ones in nail art, hair, and makeup.

A diploma course is to last from majorly from 12 months to 2 years approx., specifically for beauty and cosmetology courses. These diplomas can also be further divided into 2 parts, i.e. normal Diploma and advanced Diploma; few places the distinction may also add “professional diploma”. These diploma courses have various distinctions within the stream of beauty careers:

Post 12th standard of schooling, all sorts of courses become available for a person to choose from. There can be various originals and mixes of various beautician courses in UG (Undergraduate) courses in the colleges. There can be UG courses in cosmetology and beautification together with an extensive curriculum to cover both these major aspects of the Skin and health care world of the academics, rather there can be separate courses as well, which shall not be integrated in all its forms.

Years: Usually, the umbrella UG course of Beautification and Cosmetology takes about 3 years.

Stream of eligibility: Cosmetology and beautification courses can be taken up after completion of 12th standard via any stream of study, be it science, commerce, or Humanities. After the NEP 2020 policy as well, all sorts of streams are entertained rather than specifying the courses to one particular form of education.

Several places in India are considered the cosmetology hubs of the country with the best education courses in the particular stream, out of which Gujarat is considered to be one of the best. Since the educational sphere of India is considered to be one of the toughest ones in the world. Gujarat has over the time earned its rightful place to be one of the states to have one of the most extensive educational curricula.

Career Option In The Field After 10th And 12th

Beauty and welfare courses across the country are minimized and narrowed down for the people to choose from due to the lack of quality in this stream of education.

There are many universities that offer the cosmetology courses in accordance with already other pre-existing courses in that very universities, hence while moving further with the academic curriculum of the same, the universities fail to provide proper gadgets and infrastructure for detailed study, while also lacking in providing the proper theoretical assessments of the same. This lack of quality and exposure in turn reduces the chances of Career options after 10th and 12th for the students.

It becomes innately necessary for the students to follow their heart and to put their efforts in the correct directions, to finally avail fruitful results from the same. Hence, IBI International has come up with an extensive and interest provoking curriculum setup, with which they train and guide the students to learn the best of all the sub fields of cosmetology and beautification. The next portion of the article dwells into the career guidance after 10th and 12th in IBI International, to learn from the best.

Why is IBI International one of the best ways to emit the beautician in you? Supposedly because IBI International stands tall and firm by giving its attention span for development to solely Cosmetology and Beautification and wellness. This institute of learning aims to build one of the most educated and skilled community of beauticians across the nation. The aim that keeps them going and developing towards becoming one of the best universities in Gujarat for Beauty and Cosmetology.

IBI International is a well-known name in the beauty education industry, having been founded with a commitment to nurturing talent and a desire for excellence. For over ten years, we have been at the forefront of empowering people to pursue profitable careers in the beauty industry and to examine their creative potential.

IBI International provides various courses after 10th and 12th with an easy application process and lucrative placement systems for future safety and satisfaction. This institute provides more than 5 umbrella course topics, with the vision to enhance the beauty stream of the country into a dynamic source of growing economy.

The institute provides its female students with growth prospects and stable earning options to provide them with a variety of choices for their own future. With an extensive and effective curriculum and close to perfect placement game, this institute seeks nothing but to provide the best for the BEAUTY DRIVEN, creative side of a female.

Courses Available For The Students

Cosmetology Courses

Beauty Courses

Makeup Courses

Hair Courses

IBI International also provides the students with various other courses regarding:
  1. Spa Therapy Courses
  2. Nail Art Courses
  3. Body Therapy
  4. Special therapy
With the vision and aim to effectively utilize the area of female creativeness in the world of beauty and cosmetics. IBI International is supposed to be one of the most effective universities while considering easy applications. Since the speciality of their courses is that they are available for all above the age of 15 years.

Choose your dream, free your creativity, choose IBI International, choose excellence.

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