Most Common Myths and Facts about Makeup

The word Makeup brings to mind vivid pictures of gloss, mascara, sparkles, shimmer, shades, brushes, beauty products, style and the ilk. Today, it’s essential to look beautiful for each occasion worth celebrating. Makeup helps a lot to make you look perfect according to the time and place.
Whether you are a makeup lover or not, I feel like all women have developed some knowledge of makeup over time whether it be true or false.
Unfortunately, there are quite a few misconceptions about makeup and there’re millions of makeup tips out there on the internet but you know what? Not all of them are true! There are lots of advice out there that is simply untrue which is why we present to you few of the makeup myths and facts :

Myths & Facts About Makeup

Let’s know some facts and myths about makeup. If you love makeup than you should wear it with confident and some knowledge.

Myth #1. Makeup is bad for your skin

If you think makeup is harmful to your skin, it’s not the right way you think. Simple is that, choose makeup product according to your skin type and complexion. And you get result without any doubts.

Fact #1. Makeup gives you confidence

If you wear a makeup with right manner; it gives best look to you and helps to boost up your confidence and personality.

Myth #2. No need to moisturize and sunscreen before makeup

Sometime makeup look done without moisturizer and sunscreen is ok?? NO… There is wrong practice if you do. Some products contain moisturizer and SPF ingredients; so you should covered right? Unfortunately it’s a myth about moisturizer and sunscreen.

Fact #2. Benefits of Moisturizer and sunscreen

Moisturizer makes a layer between skin and makeup product so product can’t penetrate directly to skin so it’s kind of your protection. Sunscreen helps to prevent skin tanning and sun burn.

Myth #3. There is no harm wear makeup during sleep

Sleep time is skin’s repairing time. At that time, if you wore makeup on skin; there is a lot of chances to get clogged pores and acne to the skin.

Fact #3. Sleep with night cream is best way

At sleep time, deep clean your skin with proper cleansing product and tone the skin with appropriate tonner. It helps to deep clean your pores, PH balancing and close your open pores. After that, apply night cream for healthy skin and nourishment.
So these were some of the beauty myths which are actually some straight up facts. Blindly following everything you hear can lead you to disappoint when you realize that you are failing to achieve the desired results even after going by the makeup facts. Instead, understand the ingredients that go into the products, know your skin’s color, shade, tone, texture, and type. Only then could you be able to pick the right makeup products for yourself, and we bet they will give you the looks that you always wanted to create.
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