Avoid These 5 Bridal Makeup Mistakes for a Stress-Free Wedding Day

For most women, the wedding day is unquestionably one of the most significant and nerve-wracking. Most girls dream of their wedding day makeup since they are kids and thus trying out a new lipstick or eye shadow shade could seem like a nice idea on other days, but not on your wedding day! Never go rogue on your wedding day!

Your wedding is supposed to be all about you and your dream look. The kind of dress you want, the makeup you want to have done, hairstyles that will suit your fit, arrangements and venue, whether the makeup suits the time of day the wedding is happening, whether the lighting is perfect, etc.—all these small things matter so much to making your wedding day perfect.

Many recently engaged couples worry about looking their best on their wedding day. It makes sense that you want to look your best on such a momentous occasion. You should be careful of certain bridal makeup mistakes that are very common and can take place if you don’t pay attention. That’s why IBI International has come to you with a few mistakes you should avoid to make yourself look perfect.

IBI International Beauty Institute has pointed out 5 common Bridal makeup mistakes you should avoid on your big day!

1. Overuse of makeup
For your wedding day makeup look, applying an excessive amount of makeup could be a grave error. Your aim is a daily ensemble with a dash of style. The solution is to remain true to your makeup style and avoid any bridal makeup mistakes, which should draw attention to your best features and natural attractiveness.
Consider conducting a cosmetic trial in advance. Work with a skilled makeup artist who understands your style and is skilled at emphasizing your best features to give you a sense of confidence and beauty on your special day.
2. Don’t get your eyebrows done right before the makeup!

Everyone wants to have the best wedding day makeup look, thus many girls think it’s great to get your eyebrows done as soon as possible before the wedding. Certain brides get their eyebrows done right before putting on makeup.

The stakes are really high at your wedding, therefore you don’t want to take any chances. Everyone knows that getting eyebrow work done can cause skin sensitivity and that lumps and rashes can occasionally appear. Stress just makes this problem worse.

In order to avoid looking blotchy or red we advise getting your eyebrows done two to four days before your wedding. Preventing a Bridal makeup mistake is better than treating it.

3. Not keeping a blotting paper on hand
Despite the incredible cosmetic expertise, keep in mind that you will be the center of attention for the whole day, both literally and figuratively. It should go without saying that during this time you will need a few touch-ups. You must make sure that you don’t appear oily or glossy in your wedding pictures. Always have blotting paper available on your wedding day in case you need to wipe away any excess oil, sweat, or leaky makeup. This will make sure your makeup isn’t getting ruined and stays on properly.

Additionally, you should always get touch-ups done by professionals. IBI International Beauty Institute trains their students to pay attention to detail and avoid any Bridal makeup mistakes.

4. Waterproof mascara is an essential
At a wedding, everyone participating experiences a wide range of emotions. The last thing you want is for your entire makeup look to be ruined by black tear streaks running down your cheeks. Not only is waterproof mascara tear-resistant, but its unique formula coats the lashes to preserve their curl. It keeps your lashes from falling in and getting clogged. Curl your lashes before applying your favorite set of false lashes for optimal effect from your favorite mascara. Finally, depending on the style of your lashes, add a thin coat to the top and bottom. It’s okay if you’re not wearing false eyelashes! Use two to three layers of mascara in addition to an eyelash curler.

This is one of the biggest and priciest Bridal makeup mistakes you might make on your wedding day. Instead, use a premium waterproof mascara. In the odd event that you cry a little on your wedding day, your makeup won’t be damaged in this way.

5. Attend a demo session before your wedding day makeup look!
Selecting a makeup artist only based on their reputation or portfolio could be extremely dangerous. Attending a “demo session” with your makeup artist is imperative. IBI International suggests attending a demo session before booking a professional makeup artist for your wedding look so that you can understand and figure out if you like the work they did on you or whether your tastes match or not.
Or you should practice your ideal wedding makeup look on yourself at least once before the big day. Also, For the bride, wedding planning can be costly and time-consuming. Wedding makeup is a big decision, so think carefully about all the tiny things when choosing your bridal look.
To make sure your makeup matches your gown, we advise dressing in a T-shirt that is around the same shade. Wearing the gown before touch-ups is necessary and runs the risk of causing irreversible harm. This will ensure that the results live up to your expectations and give you enough time to make any required adjustments before the deadline passes.
Keep all of these points in mind when you are getting your wedding day makeup done, and you are already almost good to go! Weddings are and will always be the most important day of any bride’s life and to risk your wedding look is just not worth it. Being prepared and knowing what you want will make your job 10 times easier during the wedding.

We at IBI International Beauty Institute train our students to perfect the art of bridal makeup and also keep in mind these miscellaneous things that can hamper the wedding day look and ruin the vibe of the party. With IBI International graduates, be stress-free and enjoy your dream wedding day makeup look!

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