How to Remove Nail Extensions Safely at Home: Step-by-Step Guide

What are Nail extensions?

You can wear artificial nails made of various materials over your natural nails, called nail extensions. They can be used to grow nails to the ideal length and shape, making them stronger, longer, and more appealing. Intriguing nail art is also possible with longer nails.

Numerous variations of nail extensions are offered. The most popular kinds of nail extensions are those made of hard gel and acrylic. If you find yourself interested in this particular niche of the beauty Industry, you can always consider taking a professional course like Nail art and extension courses where they even teach you professional tips on how to remove nail extensions at home.

Spa therapists need to be diverse and multifaceted in order to be successful in this industry. Spa therapists are supposed to be versatile in client communication, hospitality, spa therapy skills, people association, management as well as luxurious treatments.
When it comes to ‘how to remove nail extensions at home’, it is more difficult than regular nail paint. You’ll need some supplies and tools to help remove the nail extensions. Depending on the applied approach and the efficacy of the product, different periods can be needed. Hard gel nail removal requires slightly less time from a professional than artificial nail removal, which typically takes between thirty and forty-five minutes.

There are professional courses such as Nail Art and Extension Courses that teach you about how to nail art, and how to add extensions or remove nail extensions. A lot of beauty schools like IBI International offer these courses to their students.

Although it could be tempting to start pulling at your nails, the harm you could cause might not show symptoms for several weeks.

Thus, think about taking your nail extensions out very cautiously. While nail extensions can be removed at home, doing so poorly could have negative consequences. Using a qualified nail technician is the most efficient and secure way to remove nail extensions but If you follow our guide through IBI International Beauty Institute can help you guide your way when it comes to ‘how to remove nail extensions at home’.

In the blog below, IBI International has mentioned a step-by-step guide and tips on how to remove nail extensions at home. Although it is advised to get it done by a nail technician, if the tips on removing nail extensions at home are followed properly then it is a fairly simple task.

First, give your nails a trim and file.

Shortening long extensions before removing them will be faster. Be careful to look under the nail to ensure you trim the extension and not your natural nail.

Once the gel extensions are removed, buff the surface with a course file or, if you have one, an electric file. If the top layer of gel polish is broken off, the removal process will go more swiftly.

Second,  Immerse in acetone.

Use only pure acetone for the best and fastest results. You can remove the gel extensions using one of two techniques. First, fill a small glass dish with just enough acetone to coat your nails. Let them soak for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. Now is the time to exercise patience, so unwind with your favorite TV program.

You can also use foil, a rag, and acetone to remove your gel extensions if you would rather not soak your nails. After soaking a cotton ball in acetone and fastening it to the nail, round both ends with foil. Apply this to every single nail. Give your gel extensions a fifteen to twenty-minute pause while the foils are on them.

Third, Carefully remove the extensions.

After the stipulated time has passed, the extensions will have begun to disintegrate; you can gently scrape them off with an orange stick. If, at any time during this process, you find that scraping the nail is unpleasant or that you are pulling at it quite forcefully, go back to soaking in acetone. Repeat this process until the gel extension and nail adhesive are completely removed. You run a serious risk of breaking your natural nails if you pull and scratch them aggressively before the gel has fully dissolved.

Fourth, Add a Shine to Your Natural Nails.

Use a buffer to gently buff the surface of your nails after removing all of the gel extensions to get rid of any remaining adhesive.

Fifth, Moisturise your nails.

To assist keep the moisture in the region around your nails, apply petroleum jelly or cuticle oil. You are free to polish your nails or apply new gel in place of the ones you just removed if you are successfully taking off your gel extensions and your natural nails don’t appear to be damaged.

If you follow these basic tips on How to remove nail extensions at home you will be able to remove your extensions without any professional assistance and without damaging your nails.

For somebody who is passionate about the beauty industry or wants to pursue their career further in nail art and beauty business, IBI International offers professional courses such as Nail Art and Extension courses which they can opt for to become a professional.

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