Top Reasons Why Removing Makeup Is Essential for Healthy Skin

As much as we all love the art and effort that goes behind every breathtaking makeup look, the aftercare of the appearance can be pretty exhausting. Removing makeup is a whole new process, but rather than indulging in that process we sometimes just choose sleep. However, we all agree that taking off your makeup before sleeping is essential, but we still sometimes can’t seem to get a hold of it. We simply need to understand what is the process and need for removal of makeup for healthy skin. Acne and lowering of skin quality are already a risk that everyone is facing in today’s era, but non-removal of makeup and leaving chemicals on your skin for a long can have a negative effect on the skin.

Hence here is IBI International to tell you about the reasons, why the removal of makeup is so essential and how not doing so can lead to skin quality depletion:

Acne and clogged pores

Makeup can be a nasty pore clogger, especially when your skin is prone to acne and oiliness. Oily skin tends to already be over-moisturized and welcoming to dust attachments. Some makeup is more likely than others to result in breakouts. The most triggering makeup ingredients are silicones, acrylics, parabens, dyes, and fragrances. Hence to avoid these, Use only makeup, sunscreen, skin, and hair-care products that are labeled “non-comedogenic” or “won’t clog pores.” These products don’t cause breakouts in most people. Sharing makeup can result in blemishes even if you employ only non-comedogenic products. Although acne is not communicative, sharing makeup, brushes, or applicators can lead to the infiltration of bacteria, oil, and cell debris from other people’s skin into your makeup. You can get their oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria on your skin if you use that makeup. These may clog your pores and cause acne. Hence removing makeup before sleeping is very important.

Dark Circles

Generally speaking, makeup is not the primary or even a noticeable cause of dark circles. The only reason why dark circles qualify for this list is because of their nature of being created on dull skin.

Dark circles can be caused when sleeping with makeup on, due to the darkness of eye makeup that settles in the skin when not treated for a long time. Eye makeup may tend to look ravishing once done, but the after-treatment of them needs to be taken very seriously because of the sensitivity of the eye, simply as an organ. Eye makeup may also cause harsh effects on the lashes of the eyes, it has also been reportedly said that not removing makeup for a very long time can cause your lashes to fall off and reduce their overall quality.

Rashes Aand Itching

“Roses have thorns too”, the purpose of this quote out in the world is simply to make people remember that however pretty or ravishing the thing may be, it always will have a downside to it, nothing comes with zero consequences. The same goes for makeup as well. Today in the industry, there have been new introductions of a majority of chemical-free and organic products for your skin, but the fact that the chemicals still there can be equally harmful if left on the skin for too long.

These products can be harmful and can lead to rashes and itching on the face and skin. Some of the biggest issues that cause these rashes are the fragrances and preservatives that are present in the products. Removal of these rashes can be done by using pimple-free and foam face washes, after which, using products like tea tree oil can help with skin calming in ways.

Complexion Dulling And Aging

One of the main causes of dull skin is wearing makeup to bed. Your skin is exposed to pollutants, dust, and dirt throughout the day. Applying makeup causes your skin to accumulate more product and impedes the process of skin regeneration. Your skin’s health and complexion can be impacted by trapped dirt and pollutants, makeup residue, and dull, lifeless skin. So, always take off your makeup before going to bed, regardless of how exhausted you are. Use a makeup remover first, then a cleanser and moisturizer for optimal effects.

Complexion dullness doesn’t necessarily mean from light to dark, it simply refers to the process of glow reduction that happens on your face due to the accumulation of rashes, dark spots, clogging, and whatnot. To avoid these consequences completely, face washes and massages are a must before bedtime, especially when the skin has been exposed to makeup and chemicals for too long.

Dryness And Lack Of Moisture

Sleeping while wearing makeup causes these free radicals to remain on the skin’s surface all night. If you go to bed wearing makeup, it can cause a barrier that keeps your moisturizer from penetrating your skin, which can lead to dryness. Furthermore, certain makeup formulas include ingredients that dehydrate the skin. The skin is exposed to these ingredients while you sleep, which can cause the skin to dry out.

Ironically, wearing anti-aging makeup while you sleep can accelerate the aging process of your skin. Unnecessary exposure to free radicals is the cause of this. Your skin is bombarded with oxidative stressors and free radicals throughout the day, which may wear down collagen and lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles. Sleeping with makeup on locks these free radicals into the skin’s surface throughout the night.
Here at IBI International, we proceed with teaching the students the most basic and essential of things, i.e. recognizing skin types, textures, and suitability. Dealing with different types of skins can be a tricky process and can leave the client unsatisfied if not complied with properly. We think it to be our responsibility that the student gets the information of everything in detail right from the start to not be confused in future while using products and chemicals on people.
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